About Me

wife + mommy + foodie + shopping addict + book lover + librarian

The name of the blog is an attempt to describe the kinds of conversations I have in my head -- with the voices in my head. 

Batali - Mario Batali. The one and only amazing chef whose personality and food inspire me to try new things and not take myself too seriously. 

Dior - Christian Dior. I'm absolutely not a fashion icon in any way. I'm a trainwreck in that department usually. But I do love shopping, decorating, and looking at pretty things. 

Dewey - As in the Dewey Decimal System. Before I had our son, I was a librarian, and although we don't use good ole Dewey anymore the way we used to (sorry, bro), I love a good book. I enjoy sharing what I'm reading and hearing what others think about it. 

Walk into a Bar - Do I need to explain this part?