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A Little Halloween Deco [for a cheap price!]

I've talked before about how much I love Dollar Tree, and the obsession still hasn't ended. I went by the other day just to see what was there. I ended up buying some awesome stuff for Corey's birthday [post to come later] plus they had some fun stuff for a kids' play room [like a super fun super hero cape - $1].

I also loooooooove the $1/$3 section at good ole Target. I mean who really goes into Target and only buys the things on their list. If that's you, I need to channel your super power. I don't have it.

Especially when the first thing you see is that dad gum section! I scored big this time though, so I'm totes okay with it.

"More Boos Please" sign - $3

Most of the Halloween deco you see below is from Hobby Lobby. I didn't buy anything more than $3 - and of course - only go to the HobLob when there's a sale. Guaranteed if you like something, the following week, it's discounted to probably half the price.

[Almost] Everything here is from the HobLob - again under $3! The bucket I think was $6, but still, not too shabby.

I thought these flowers were a little "spooky". HEB had them for only $4! I'll take it.

More Hobby Lobby finds for cheap. The little Witches Brew and Poison jars were so stinkin' cute and I think they were only $3 after the sale, too. 

I definitely didn't get to finish the post before the big, spooky day. #momlife But, here are some pictures of our little family at music class and trick-or-treating! 

Corey's costume really speaks for itself. He was born to be Mr. Stay Puft. His cheeks earned him the right. 

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