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A Little Fall Deco in the New Home

We're so very, very far from being settled in our new home, but I have managed to get a few little pieces of deco up so far! It makes me feel a little more accomplished to see these bits of happy around the house. 

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Give me all the scented candles, leaves, pine cones, wreaths, and pumpkin spice you can shove into an apple basket, and I'm a happy camper.

This wreath just makes my little fall heart so happy! It's very fresh-looking, but has all the elements of fall that I love. Plus, it's for a great price from Joss & Main.

I have exactly one room finished in our new house. And you're looking at it. I'm keeping it simple for now - no rug, just a few things on the wall, and a beautiful, warm color from Sherman Williams. I'll add more as the years go on, I'm sure, but this'll do for now.

For fall, I love having the simple [cheap] flowers from the grocery store as the centerpiece of the table. I threw in these cute little pumpkin place card holders just because they're too adorable to keep cooped up in my fall storage any longer! 

I'm digging the kind of Aztec theme that so many stores have going on right now. I thought I'd add a little of that flair to the dining room. 

Hello pendant lamps. I'm in love with you. This fella is from Pottery Barn, and he's found a happy home. [And he's on sale now!]

Like I said, the house isn't totally together, but I added a few little bits of Halloween flair here. Wouldn't want the neighbors to think we weren't into the spooky holiday. 

Last but not least is our mantle. I started actually randomly putting things up there for storage, and this is what I ended up with - nice and neutral. I'm going to be adding Halloween flair for October then I'll swap out for turkey time in November. 

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