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Bacon Fat Trick

I don't know about you, but Pinterest hasn't always been kind to me. Case in point was a Cranberry & White Chocolate Christmas Pound Cake. The picture looked amazing! The ingredients and directions were simple enough! I thought I'd be the baking queen after I got this little number down. Nope. 

Epic. Fail. 

It didn't even rise in the oven. It ended up being more like a loaf pan full of white chocolate-flavored flour with some random cranberries tossed in for good measure. Disgusting. I'm really not the best baker to begin with, and this really did a number on my ego. 

Enough about my need for baker's therapy...

This however, was a redeeming moment for Pinterest. I saw this trick on my pinboard and gave it a go a few years ago. Now, this is the only way I get rid of bacon fat (unless I'm using it to cook up something delish that is). 

First, you line a coffee cup (or any heat-proof dish you've got lying around) with foil so that it hangs over the edges. 

Then, fry your piggie.

Pour the drippings into the foil-lined mug. 

Set it aside for a few hours until it cools; then, you can just wad that ball of foil up and toss 'er in the trash! Voila! Bacon fat magic. 

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