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Baby Shower and Baptism Outfits

We were so very lucky to have three amazing groups of women throw us baby showers in preparation for our sweet Baby G. Each of the showers was unique and we were overwhelmed with how much love we felt at each one. Our nephew was also baptized recently (and we're the godparents which is so special), so I had to have an outfit for that, too. 

I had a hard time figuring out what I was going to wear to each of them, so I decided to go to the Holy Land of retail (in my opinion): Nordstrom. I found some great little pieces there and got a ton of compliments (plus I was comfortable). Instead of buying two separate dresses, I decided to get one great dress and add a sheer leopard top. 

Madderson London Dress

**Forgive the tired eyes - I definitely cried tears of joy and gratitude thanks to my lovely hormones**

Ingrid & Isabel Dress

And because I wore it to two of the three big events: Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant

Here are some other awesome options that I've been layering with maternity leggings and cardigans: 

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