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Nesting Made Me Do It

Last week, I hit a point where I just couldn't stand to have parts of the house "unfinished" anymore. I started walking around and made a list of all the things I want done before the baby comes... in 4 months. I have time, I know. I couldn't take it anymore though! 

I ordered all new faucets for basically every sink in the house. This was long overdue since the house was built in 1969, and my family has lived in it for 21 years. And... we've never updated the faucets. Oh yeah. 1969 plumbing isn't as attractive as it was 50 years ago. Just sayin'. 

I also decided to redecorate our foyer and dining room because those are rooms I see the most often when I'm walking through the house. I wish I was lying when I said that I went to 9 different Hobby Lobby stores in the DFW area. I wanted to find the right frame for the dining room to surround our canvas. I also wish I was lying when I said that I became friends with one of the checkout ladies, Pat, at my favorite Hobby Lobby. I went there just a little too often. 

Here are the results! 

35 36 37 38