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Maternity Clothes

I've had quite the roller coaster with maternity clothes since hitting about the 10 week mark. My skinny jeans gave up on me pretty early on unfortunately. I've found some fantastic (and not so fantastic) websites where I've bought some essential (and not so essential) maternity items. 

My favorite by far is Pink Blush. Unfortunately, all of the items I've purchased are gone. I bought them when they were having a HUGE and I mean H-U-G-E sale. 

I absolutely love this top from their site:

Excuse the mess in the background there... let's just say the nursery's not ready yet.

I ordered a small which is what I'd normally get being non-preggo. Everything fits very true to size. 

I'd be happy to accept any of the following items from their shop, too, if you're looking to be generous.

This top

This cardigan

Or even this little number

This little non essential was something I bought just because it's pretty, and it made me feel pretty. 

Target is another fave of mine for maternity clothes. 

Their yoga pants are the bomb. I have two pair and they are TTS. I live in them for the most part because they support my belly, and yet I don't feel like a pig stuffed in a girdle. 

I also really love their sports bras (I've had to buy 3 different size since being pregnant because the ladies are growing). These are adorable and they fit very, very comfortably. Before being pregnant, I was a 34D. I bought a large now that I've got a passenger on board whereas before I'd have bought a medium.

Loft actually has a fantastic line of maternity clothes as well. I shopped here first before any other store, and I've loved everything I've purchased. Everything is TTS on their site from my experience. Most of the things I bought aren't available anymore, but they were on sale. That's the thing with maternity clothes, wait until they go on sale! You can save about 60% every time. Don't ever pay full price!

I did buy these jeans and they're by far my favorite pair of maternity jeans so far

Here are some great chinos for work

And you can never have too many maternity camis

So, for the not-so-fantastic websites for maternity clothes...

I have to say I've been pretty disappointed with Pea in the Pod/Destination Maternity. Their clothes aren't as good of quality as the sites I've listed above. I do really love Pea in the Pod's camis, but other than that, I'd stick to other websites for maternity clothes.

All the other sites and stores also have very simple return policies and processes. Pea in the Pod has been a nightmare. I've been trying to return something for about 2 weeks now, and it keeps getting sent back to me. I tried going to Destination Maternity/Buy Buy Baby. Because they don't stock that particular item at that store, they won't accept my return.

That's just been my experience, but perhaps you've had better! Happy hunting!

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