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Chalkboard Art and My Not-So-Craftiness

I don't know if you knew this, but... Martha Stewart and I aren't related. Shocker, I know.

I don't have anything crafty in my body. I know most girls love to go to the You Paint It kind of places where you can paint and drink wine. I thought I'd like it, too which is why I took my girls to such a place to ask them to be bridesmaids a few years ago. 

I loved hanging with my favorite ladies. I loved the wine. I hated the painting. 

Here's what it should have looked like...

Here's mine...

Craftiness is not my jam. 

My own mother made fun of my painting, ok? 

However, when encouraged with wine and Pinterest, I can really dig some chalkboard art. We got the chalkboard I use from a really fun website called Red Envelope. They're fantastic for gift ideas and creative little decorations for around the house. **It looks like they're undergoing some website maintenance, so the link may not take you to the store.** 

Here are some of my past attempts at the art of the chalkboard. 

35 36 37 38